Response in Crisis

In His Own Words

I want our Archdiocese to lead the way in the care of victims.

- Archbishop Naumann


In this series of videos, Archbishop Naumann asks both laity and clergy to respond to the tragic abuses shaking the Church with a renewal of hope in Christ with active and fervent prayer. He urges us to return to adoration of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and that we confidently and humbly plead for Mary’s intercession and protection. Action begins with prayer and continues with justice for victims, vigilance for the vulnerable, complete operational and financial transparency, accountability of leaders and employees, and strong formation of future priests.

“I will also offer one Mass a week and one rosary each week for the healing of victims. I invite every Catholic to adopt some additional practices of prayer and penance for victims and for the purification of the church. I also intend to offer communal prayer opportunities for these intentions.” - Archbishop Naumann


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Independent Review Board


Protecting the Faithful 

The Archdiocesan Child Protection Policy, Policies and Procedures Pertaining to Sexual Abuse of a Child defines the Independent Review Board as an independent body of between five and nine persons of outstanding integrity and good judgment, who are in full communion with the Church, and who are appointed by the Archbishop to consult and to review with him Archdiocesan policies and procedures involving sexual abuse of children and to undertake independent reviews of allegations of sexual abuse of children.

One member shall be a priest who is an experienced and respected pastor of the Archdiocese and one member shall be a person who should have particular expertise in the treatment of the sexual abuse of minors. The majority of members shall be lay persons who are not employed by the Archdiocese. The Chair of the Board shall be appointed by the Archbishop. Members shall serve for a term of five years and may be reappointed for additional terms.




Transparency is imperative with any substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct by any church leader, regardless of whether the victim is a minor or an adult.


What is the Process?

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Where does the money go?

The Archdiocese has nothing without the generous sacrifices of the laity. Your gifts merit a responsible accounting to you on how money is used as pertains to abuse investigations, support of victims, and accused clergy.

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advising the archbishop

The Independent Review Board is a body of at least five – and no more than nine – persons of outstanding integrity and good judgment, who are in full communion with the Church. Appointed by the Archbishop, they consult with him about Archdiocesan policies and procedures involving sexual abuse. This same board also independently reviews allegations of sexual abuse. 

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safe environment policies

There is no greater priority for the Archdiocese than the safeguarding of the innocent and the young. Rigorous standards, thorough vetting, and constant vigilance contribute to the many ways the Archdiocese provides a secure environment.

Action Timeline


What has the Archdiocese done to protect children?

USCCB Establishes Committee on Sexual Abuse

Mid 1990's

Policies and Procedures Concerning Sexual Misconduct

April 1996

USCCB Committee Shifts Focus Sexual Abuse Education and Prevention



Prayer First


Let us place ourselves under the protective mantle of Mary.

- Archbishop Naumann

The Rosary

Though we are all very familiar with it, the Rosary must not be a dull routine. Our Lady herself, along with a myriad of saints, have urged its fervent recitation, to the glory of God and for the conversion of sinners. Pope Francis has invited “the faithful of all the world, to pray the Holy Rosary every day”.


the magnificat

The Magnificat is Mary’s own beautiful prayer, praising God, and showing complete trust in Him who is most merciful, and who never abandons those who love Him.

novena to the immaculate heart

Entrust everything to Mary’s pure, faithful, and loving heart.

the angelus

The Angelus, prayed daily at noon, places us in that glorious moment when God declared His will to come into the world, and Mary’s humble and obedient fiat.

litany of our lady of sorrows

Our Lady understands and endures the pain, suffering, and sorrow afflicting victims, their families, and the entire Church, far better than we.

total consecration

Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary was introduced to the faith by St. Louis de Montfort, and is a further step for the faithful into the mysteries of Christ.


Conversion & Renewal


Read Your Pastors’ Letters

In my travels throughout the archdiocese, I witness and am edified by the zeal and dedication of our priests.

– Archbishop Naumann


Our Seminaries

The priest’s life is meant to be a living symbol that challenges his parishioners to place God first in their lives above everyone and everything else. My priority in evaluating men for the seminary as well as the suitability of our priests for serving God’s people is their commitment and capability of living celibate chastity with fidelity and joy.

- Archbishop Naumann

The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas currently has 31 seminarians in formation for the Catholic Priesthood. Because each priest effectively has the capacity to touch thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives throughout his priesthood, there is nothing more important to the bishop or the diocese than to ensure a solid and healthy formation of the next generation of priests. Most important, it is through the Sacramental Priesthood that the faithful continue to have access to the fullness of God’s sanctifying grace.

For this reason, and considering the overall climate of the culture that we find ourselves living in, the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas takes great care in selecting the seminaries we partner with for the ongoing formation, education, and overall health and well-being of our men. Currently partnering with five different seminaries, we are confident that together the following institutions offer each of our seminarians, as well as our local Church, the best formation and preparation possible today.

We invite you to learn more about each of the seminaries that the Archdiocese continues to partner with in the ongoing formation of our men. We also invite you to learn more about our seminarians. Finally, we ask you to please continue praying for these men, as well as those who oversee their formation.


Accountability of Bishops

Bishop accountability-small.jpg

I want to apologize on behalf of myself and my brother bishops for our collective failure in the past to protect innocent victims from unspeakable misconduct.

- Archbishop Naumann

The Church abroad is evaluating and initiating efforts to combat this crisis from within. As laity, we must first pray for our shepherds. Then we should also engage with our priests and bishops, reminding them gently, but directly, of their pastoral calling, duty to listen, and above all, our great love for them.