Meet the Women of the Archdiocesan Staff

Our lay staff are essential to the function and success of the Church’s work here in Kansas City, Kansas. Listed below are just a few of the amazing women who have answered Christ’s call to serve the Church in their community.


Lesle Knop.jpg

LESLE M. KNOp - Director, stewardship and development

“We each have a universal calling by virtue of our baptism and confirmation – to love God and neighbor and to do one’s part in the mission of the Church.”


JAN R. SAYLOR - report investigator

“I have always felt a calling towards the field of criminal justice and in making a difference in the lives of others, in my community, in my country, and now in my faith.”

Carla Mills.jpg

carla K. mills - chief financial officer

“In corporate America you are called to buy into and support the company Vision and Mission. I realized that the Vision and Mission I was “bought into” was God as my top priority and building his kingdom on earth as my mission.”

Linda Slater-Trimble.jpg

Linda D. Slater-Trimble - Victim Assistance Coordinator

“This position allows me to live out my faith by serving others, especially those suffering from the devastating effects of sexual abuse.”

Kathy O'Hara.jpg

Dr. Kathleen A. O’Hara - catholic schools superintendent

“I love what I do because I am able to serve with Catholic school leaders and teachers who love kids and who are incredibly faith-filled and want to share that faith with our students.”

Lauren Solidum.jpg

lauren E. solidum - President and CEO, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas

“I am blessed to expose the greatness of our Church through service. There is no better way to understand Christ’s love for us than being the hands and feet to His people.”


Jenifer Valenti - director of the office of child and youth protection

“I believe very strongly that the church should be guided by the . . . Gospel in addressing sexual abuse involving children when it’s at the hands of a trusted agent of the church. I think a lot of the tenets of our faith, including . . . reconciliation and the Resurrection, are applicable in looking at sexual abuse within the church.”