Linda D. Slater-Trimble, M.A. - Victim Assistance Coordinator

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Describe your responsibilities and how long you've been at the Archdiocese.

I have worked at the Archdiocese since November 12, 2018. I have a Bachelor’s Degree – Double Major in Criminal Justice and Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership with an emphasis in Human Resources Management. I have 37 years of experience working in all aspects of Human Resources and HR Management and 12 years working in crisis and advocacy with victims/survivors of violent crime. This is a safety-sensitive position, exercising a high degree of discretion, trust and confidence. The Victim Assistance Coordinator reports to the director of the Office of Child and Youth Protection and works closely with the Special Investigator, to provide resources to victims of clerical abuse and/or abuse by other persons of authority in the Catholic Church or Catholic School System. In addition, the Victim Assistance Coordinator provides information about advocacy within the criminal justice system, support agency referral, aid in applications for victim compensation funds and facilitates the resolution of other immediate needs for abuse victims.

My key responsibilities include initiating contact with victims of abuse within 24 hours of receiving the report, and/or on a follow up basis as needed; provide immediate initial emotional support as needed and facilitates counseling services available for long- term assistance; ensure that victims are aware of the Archdiocesan process for investigating and responding to allegations of abuse; work with the Archdiocesan Investigator to keep victims informed of the status of their case through the initial phases of investigation, up through the completion of the Review Board process; develop and maintain a positive and productive working relationship with other members of the Archdiocesan staff in order to provide high quality and complete support services for the victims of abuse through a teamwork approach; maintain a professional and positive rapport with local law enforcement agencies, County Attorneys and their staff when the victim is involved in the criminal process to facilitate transparency, open communication and cooperation throughout the investigative and judicial process; and train Archdiocesan staff, parishioners and others, regarding victim advocacy, reporting and investigative procedures as requested.

Why did/do you feel called to work here? What do you love most about what you do? How does the Archbishop and other clergy leadership rely on your advice and decision-making?

This position allows me to live out my faith by serving others, especially those suffering from the devastating effects of sexual abuse. I have the benefit of some relevant past experience working with victims of sexual violence and felt that this experience would be beneficial to the Archdiocese and the people we serve. I provide support and advocacy for people who are hurting and I’m able to offer assistance and resources to help them move forward on their healing journey. Archbishop Naumann has stated that he wants “our Archdiocese to lead the way in care of victims”.  I believe he is looking for us to be pro-active in establishing resources and outreach services within the Archdiocese, to educate and help bring healing to those who are suffering from the effects of sexual abuse.